Stamp and Storage SALE and new studio Refresh

Welcome to my site. I just refreshed my studio! Heres a little glimpse. Thes organizers from Stamp and Storage helped. Use my link right now everything is on SALE and each day a chosen product has and additional discount! Plus free shipping on orders over $150! WOW

Ikea finally had the Kallax Cubes back in stock! Yay so I tore up my studio and got to work!
SALE My Link in Graphic or copy and paste to browser and then shop! Thank you!

So I tore apart my dest and wall cabinet. This allowed me to move my locker and armoire cabinet to allow space for the 5 x 5 Kallax cub unit. I then move my sit stand desk to the center of my room! Still need to fine tune and label everything. It is a major creative mojo boost! I hope you take advantage of the sale and get your studio organized too!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Remember, I do take custom orders. Currently working on a Space themed 1st Birthday.

Creatively yours,


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